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Study Abroad Checklists and Packing Lists

If you love a good checklist or just want to get an idea of what's involved to study abroad, these checklists have got you covered. 

Study Abroad Checklists
The Search&Apply Checklist takes you from the very start of your journey (around 12 months before you would like to study abroad) to the point of submitting your application on our website (around 6 to 4 months before you would depart). 

The Prepare2Depart Checklist picks up just after you have applied and been accepted (typically 6 to 4 months prior to departure) and brings you all the way up to the final days of preparation (1 month before you get on that plane). 

The Leave&Return Checklist covers all the rest - the last week of packing, the rollercoaster of arriving and settling in, and the inevitable return and readjustment. Speaking of packing, the Study Abroad Packing List provides suggestions for your carry on and suitcase - whether going on a short term or long term program.

(If you want 'em all, you can download all the lists here.)