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Go Abroad Again


There are a variety of ways to go abroad again! Even on a tight budget, work, volunteer, and independent study opportunities are readily available to you.
Study Abroad
While you already have studied abroad, keep in mind at UW-Stout you can have multiple study abroad experiences…and many students do!

Complete an Internship, Co-Op, or Field Experience Abroad (or Virtually)
Put those intercultural communication skills to immediate use in an internship, co-op, or field experience - either through a virtual international program or an in-person experience abroad. If your time outside the country prompted you to ponder what life as a diplomat (aka Foreign Service Officer) might be like, then consider the Virtual Student Federal Service program (intern from your college dorm or apartment!) or the U.S. Department of State Student Internship program (get an inside look and real-life professional experience in an American Embassy!).
Post-Graduation Abroad
There are several ways to pursue post-graduate studies abroad. One option is to apply and enroll directly and another is to go through an American organization that facilitates full degree programs abroad.
Studying Abroad while in Graduate School in the US
More and more universities are offering study abroad opportunities for graduate students. Look into this while researching grad schools!
  • Internships Abroad
  • You may find leads on internships abroad through the following:
    • Short-term work abroad
    • Volunteering abroad
    • Teaching English abroad
    • Careers abroad and iInternational careers
Short-term Work Abroad
Short-term work experiences include positions such as au pairs, farm workers, typists, waitpersons, and youth camp leaders. If you are a full-time student or a recent graduate, the work abroad programs through the British Universities North American Club (BUNAC) or the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) are some of the easiest ways for you to secure legal employment overseas.
Through BUNAC and CIEE, you can cut through some red tape and obtain documentation that allows you to work from three months to one year in another country. No special skills are required, but you must speak the language of the country. BUNAC and CIEE do not find employment for you, but if you are resourceful and willing to be flexible in the type of job that you do, you should be able to find a position within a week or two.
Work Abroad Resources:                               
Paid International Internships and Work Opportunities
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Cultural Vistas
Escape Artist
Volunteer Abroad
Restoration projects, literacy campaigns and teaching are just a few examples of the many different volunteer programs abroad. Some programs charge a fee and provide services such as insurance coverage, meals, and even housing. Some opportunities provide free room and board in exchange for your work, and others even pay a small stipend. Volunteer work opportunities may range from a few weeks long to two or three years in duration. If you are interested in development work, want to meet other foreigners and host nationals, and do not mind rudimentary living conditions, you may want to consider volunteering abroad.
Volunteer Abroad Resources:                                                        
Teach English Abroad
There are many opportunities to teach English abroad through established programs. Most programs prefer a commitment of one academic year, though some offer summer or semester possibilities. In general, a bachelor‘s degree is required, although in most cases you do not need to be an English major. Organizations are more interested in your ability to speak native and fluent English. Volunteer and paid teaching opportunities can be found throughout the world.
Teach Abroad Resources
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