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Market Your Experience


Now that you have returned home from abroad, it is time to "make sense" of all of the learning you did while abroad. This process is also known as "unpacking your experience" so that you can begin to understand what you learned so that you can be marketable to future employers.
Incorporate your experience into your resume
You will want to learn how to articulate your experience to employers on your resume and in an interview. A great resource to help you accomplish this is the Lessons From Abroad website. Another option is to consider attending a Lessons From Abroad conference. You may also talk with Career Services about resume resources and how to incorporate your education abroad experience into your resume. 

International Studies Specialization
Returned study abroad students may choose to pursue a specialization focused on international affairs. The International Studies Specialization is an academic program that combines coursework at UW-Stout and abroad with practical experience living, studying or working with people of another country or culture.