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Domestic Programs

National Student Exchange (NSE)

NSE provides opportunities for you to study for a semester or a year at another NSE college or university in the United States, its territories, and Canada. Each year more than 3,000 students participate in NSE. They continue to make progress toward home campus degree programs while studying in new places, meeting new people, and enrolling in specialized courses or unique academic options which may not be available on their home campuses. With nearly 200 universities from which to choose, you should be able to find a campus with just the right combination of courses, facilities, and environment to meet your personal and academic needs and interests. Please check the National Student Exchange website for the list of host institutions.

Students participate in NSE to:
  • Broaden personal and educational perspectives
  • Explore and appreciate new cultures and live in a different geographic area
  • Take courses not offered at the home campus
  • Learn from different professors
  • Explore new areas of study or investigate graduate or professional schools
  • Experience personal growth and break out of their comfort zones
  • Look for future employment opportunities
  • Become more independent and resourceful

Faculty-led Programs
Study on a short-term program in the U.S. with a UW-Stout professor.