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Special Course Fee Programs

If international or domestic overnight travel is not the primary curriculum objective / course credits earned, for example a 1 to 3-credit course, where the students meet regularly during the term and take a fieldtrip during a compressed timeframe such as spring break, then:
  1. The course credits will be run and coordinated through the department. The course must have an approved special course fee (SCF) that is determined in consultation with OIE. 
  2. OIE will provide the following services:
  • Budget planning assistance
  • Collect program itinerary for risk & safety plan
  • Vet students through the Dean of Student Office for clearance
  • Conduct a risk assessment of the program
  • Enroll students in CISI insurance when needed (all international programs are required to be enrolled; domestic locations are determined on a case by case basis)
  • Determine safety and risk protocols
  • Provide 24-hour emergency assistance

Application Procedures
  • You may review the policy and procedures here. Please make sure to review the instructions on submitting a SCF request. We encourage faculty to contact the Provost's Office to discuss the SCF plan, review academic information, and to ask any questions. 
  • Consult with OIE to create the Special Course Fee Budget. The information from this budget will inform the Cost/Pricing Information that needs to be included on the Special Course Fee Request form that is submitted in Curriculog.
  • Complete all required documents needed for submission in Curriculog.
  • OIE will co-sign the SCF application form, noting the application was reviewed. For their services, a portion of the SCF (typically 10%) will be routed to OIE; the remainder to the department. The amounts will be noted as percentages on the SCF form.

Items to submit to OIE
In addition to submitting the above documents into Curriculog, you will need to submit the following materials to This will provide the necessary information to create a website for the program and an application portal for students to apply for the program.

Deadline for SCF submission
The annual deadline for submitting new or revised course fees for existing courses is approximately October 15, and the fees take effect the following academic year. The UW System policy on course fees requires that all course fees be published in advance in the semester timetables. Fees cannot deviate from the amount that has been published. Requests that are submitted after the timetable is published may not be approved, or implementation may be delayed until the following semester. 

Faculty Responsibilities after SCF Approval
The faculty member will be responsible for all recruitment efforts in addition to working with their department admin on all reservations, bookings and payments.

For questions, please contact either the Provost's Office at or the study abroad office at