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Marketing & Recruitment

The Office of International Education will provide you with marketing resources and help facilitate opportunities for you to connect with prospective students, including:
  • creating an interactive webpage highlighting different aspects of your program, and
  • holding a study abroad fair at the beginning of each semester.  A reserved table will be provided for each program/leader, and we will prepare marketing information and signup sheets.
Additionally, we strongly recommend that you promote your program through classroom presentations, UW-Stout Connect, Campus Life Today/UW-Stout Today postings, videos, email blasts, informational meetings, and leverage the OIE.
  • Classroom Presentations - One of the most proven ways to get students interested in study abroad programs is to bring the information to them! Many students don’t know about all of the options we provide so by doing a classroom presentation, you are handing the information right to them. We suggest emailing professors of subjects relative to your program and asking to do a 5-10 minute presentation that includes all information on the course, how to apply, what’s included in costs, as well as photos, videos or testimonials from past trips. You could also include general photos of the destinations you'll be visiting.
  • Campus Life Today/UW-Stout Today - Submit a Campus Life Today or UW-Stout Today posting. These are very brief posts that can show up for 1-3 days in a row that can advertise either applying for the program, application deadline notifications or reminders on upcoming informational meetings or presentations.
  • UW-Stout Connect - Post any information sessions or other recruiting events on your department's program page.
  • Make a Video - This is probably the most enjoyable way to market your program – both for you and whoever is watching it. Making a video gives students a real look into what the program will be like. The video can simply include past student’s testimonials, photos, video clips & information about your program. Here are a few videos that we think are awesome!
  • Email Blasts - Email professors and applicable program directors of programs and let them know about your program. Have them forward the information to their students and advocate for your program in their classes. Don’t forget about your colleagues at other campuses, non-stout students can participate on your program as a special student.
  • Informational Meetings - Hold an informational meeting about your program. You can reserve a room in the MSC, in your department or at OIE and you can advertise through OIE, Campus Life Today, Facebook, Connect, etc. to get students to attend. There, you can relay information about the program, ask former students to give testimonials, share videos and photos and answer questions for students. One of our office staff can also be there to answer questions and direct students to the application.
  • Use OIE - The Office of International Education is a GREAT resource for marketing. We utilize UW-Stout Connect and our Facebook page to get the word out about our programs and can help advertise videos, photos, information sessions and general programs. We can also use our office assistants, all who have studied abroad, to advocate for studying abroad and allow students to hear about experiences from their peers.