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Proposal Development

The following items must be completed and submitted as part of the proposal:
  • Faculty-led Proposal Form 2019-20
  • Site Evaluation Form 2019-20 (if proposing a new program)
  • Petition to Travel to a Travel Advisory Listed Country (if listed as Level 3 or 4)
  • Faculty Leader Agreement 2019-20
  • Attractive Program Overview - used for marketing your program and should be written to your prospective student audience (suggest 1-3 paragraphs).
  • Proposed Syllabus. Please note the following:
    • If this program is intended to count towards GLP credits, please review the information found on the RES/GLP website.  If the course is not already approved as a GLP course, please provide the GLP rationale and explicitly link the course modules/outline to the GLP categories and subsections, in your syllabus. This will be reviewed for approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor, as part of the faculty-led program proposal.
    • An Independent Study course is not the appropriate use for a faculty-led program. 
  • Itinerary Template 2019-20 This is required for our risk & safety plan and it will be submitted to Campus Police before your program departure and be used in case of an emergency. We would like to see a draft of your itinerary outlining the program by indicating the following items; daily location, mode of transportation when applicable, selected accommodation, likely cultural excursions, likely industry visits, etc. Please fill out as much information on the itinerary as you can. To be determined (TBD) can be used for details that are not yet finalized. 
  • Budget Template 2019-2020 - Please plan to meet with he Office of International Education to develop your program’s budget. The students' AccessStout accounts will be charged based on the estimate established during the program approval process. 
  • Three bids must be submitted to the Office of International Education via email if a UW System approved vendor is not being used.
  • Copy of your passport. 
  • Faculty-led Program Approval Form 2019-20  Route the above documents TOGETHER with the Approval Form to your Department Chair, College Dean and Director of International Education for final approval.  

We will also need JPEG photos to be used for the promotion of your program. These may be sent directly to the Office of International Education at