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CISI Insurance

OIE ensures that all students studying abroad through UW-Stout approved programs have full medical, emergency, and repatriation coverage through CISI, as required by UW System. OIE also enrolls all faculty leaders of short-term study abroad programs in CISI. Students participating in domestic programs are not required to enroll in CISI. However, CISI provides a domestic policy and faculty and students may be enrolled in the policy if deemed necessary by the Office of International Education.
CISI can make payments directly to providers outside the U.S. However, in most situations, students, faculty, and/or staff will need to pay for expenses out-of-pocket and then submit a claim for reimbursement. 

CISI Plan Overview
  • Medical Expense (out-of-country) up to $500,000 with zero deductible
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation, Natural Disaster Evacuation, or Security Evacuation up to $1,000,000
  • Repatriation/Return of Mortal Remains up to $1,000,000
  • Mental Illness or Nervous Disorder psychotherapy up to $40,000 in patient or up to $1,000 per treatment outpatient
  • Team Assist Plan to provide travelers with a worldwide, 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service
After students are accepted into their study abroad program, the OIE will enroll them in the CISI insurance prior to program departure. At the time of enrollment, participants will receive a confirmation email directly from CISI. This email contains login information to the CISI portal as well as links to a printable insurance card. Before departing, take a moment to log in, review your policy coverage and resources, and print the insurance card, which contains the membership ID and contact information. For example, you may want to review the Policy Details Brochure and Claim Form, and Personal Liability Coverage Details.

You are advised to check with your current health insurance provider to see if you are covered internationally. The OIE encourages you to arrange for continuation of your regular health insurance coverage while you are abroad.?

Team Assist: AXA Assistance - Non-Insurance Services
The Team Assist Plan is designed by CISI in conjunction with the Assistance Provider to provide travelers with a worldwide, 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service. Multilingual help and advice may be furnished for you in the event of any emergency during the term of coverage. The Team Assist Plan complements the insurance benefits provided by the Policy. If you require Team Assist assistance, your ID number is your policy number. In the U.S., call (855) 951-2326, worldwide call (01-443) 470-3043 (collect calls accepted) or e-mail

Emergency Medical Transportation Services
The Team Assist Plan provides services for:
• Emergency Medical Evacuation
• Repatriation/Return of Mortal Remains
• Natural Disaster and Security Evacuation
All services must be arranged through the Assistance Provider (AP).

Medical Assistance
Medical Referral: Referrals will be provided for doctors, hospitals, clinics or any other medical service provider requested by the participant. Service is available 24 hours a day, worldwide.

Medical Monitoring: In the event the participant is admitted to a foreign hospital, the AP will coordinate communication between the participant’s own doctor and the attending medical doctor or doctors. The AP will monitor the participant’s progress and update the family or the insurance company accordingly.

Prescription Drug Replacement/Shipment: Assistance will be provided in replacing lost, misplaced, or forgotten medication by locating a supplier of the same medication or by arranging for shipment of the medication as soon as possible.

Emergency Message Transmittal: The AP will forward an emergency message to and from a family member, friend or medical provider.

Coverage Verification/Payment Assistance for Medical Expenses: The AP will provide verification of the participant’s medical insurance coverage when necessary to gain admittance to foreign hospitals, and if requested, and approved by the participant’s insurance company, or with adequate credit guarantees as determined by the participant, provide a guarantee of payment to the treating facility.

Travel Assistance
Obtaining Emergency Cash: The AP will advise how to obtain or to send emergency funds world-wide.

Traveler Check Replacement Assistance: The AP will assist in obtaining replacements for lost or stolen traveler checks from any company, i.e., Visa, Master Card, Cooks, American Express, etc., worldwide.

Lost/Delayed Luggage Tracing: The AP will assist the participant whose baggage is lost, stolen or delayed while traveling on a common carrier. The AP will advise the participant of the proper reporting procedures and will help travelers maintain contact with the appropriate companies or authorities to help resolve the problem.

Replacement of Lost or Stolen Airline Ticket: One telephone call to the provided 800 number will activate the AP’s staff in obtaining a replacement ticket.

Technical Assistance
Credit Card/Passport/Important Document Replacement: The AP will assist in the replacement of any lost or stolen important document such as a credit card, passport, visa, medical record, etc. and have the documents delivered or picked up at the nearest embassy or consulate.

Locating Legal Services: The AP will help the participant contact a local attorney or the appropriate consular officer when a participant is arrested or detained, is in an automobile accident, or otherwise needs legal help. The AP will maintain communications with the participant, family, and business associates until legal counsel has been retained by or for the participant.

Assistance in Posting Bond/Bail: The AP will arrange for the bail bondsman to contact the participant or to visit at the jail if incarcerated.

Worldwide Inoculation Information: Information will be provided if requested by a participant for all required inoculations relative to the area of the world being visited as well as any other pertinent medical information.


Medical Emergency
AXA Assistance (24/7/365) 
Within U.S.: 855-951-2326
Outside U.S., collect calls accepted: 1+ 443-470-3043

CISI Claims Department (9-5 EST, M-F)
Within U.S.: 800-303-8120 ext. 5130
Outside U.S., collect calls accepted: 1+ 203-399-5130 

CISI Non-Emergency Number
800-303-8120 ext 5509

Office of International Education (M-F, 8 am-4:30 pm CST)