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ATTENTION: The University of Wisconsin- Stout is not legally permitted to advise students on immigration matters. The following is meant to be a resource for students in the visa application process. Visa regulations often change and procedures vary by consulate or embassy. Students should verify the current visa application procedures with the appropriate consulate or embassy before initiating the process. 

Many countries require obtaining a visa before departure, especially for stays over 90 days. It is extremely important to investigate the entry requirements of the country you are traveling to. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for a visa, but the UW-Stout Office of International Education can act as a resource.

A few countries that UW-Stout students commonly travel to are listed below, with their entry requirements. The U.S Department of State also provides information for every country in the world. All of this information is valuable to review. Enter the country in the box provided and click "Go." Scroll down and click on the “Entry/Exit Requirements for U.S. Citizens” section. For specifics regarding visa application requirements, fees and instructions, you will need to visit your destination’s consulate website.

NON - U.S. CITIZENS: If you are not a US citizen, entry requirements may be different. Please investigate visa requirements specific to your citizenship.

U.S. passport holders, traveling to attend school, require a student visa prior to departure. The Australian student visa application process is completed electronically for U.S. citizens. The student visa is recorded electronically with the Department of Immigration. Find detailed requirements, fees, and instructions at Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

U.S. passport holders, traveling to attend school for longer than 90 days will need to apply for Visa Type D. Processing times are approximately 3 weeks but may take longer if your application needs to be submitted to the Belgian Immigration Office for review. We advise you to apply well in advance of your intended departure to Belgium. The Consulate General that holds jurisdiction over Wisconsin is in located in New York, you can either visit the Consulate General in person or mail your visa in. Make sure you mail your visa application to the Consulate General in New York. More information including the application process may be found at the Embassy and Consulates of Belgium. Click on Studies 1.1 Higher education students PDF.

The Visa Type D is not a residence permit. Students will need to register at the city hall for a residence permit within the first 8 days after arrival in Belgium. 

Costa Rica
U.S. passport holders, traveling to attend school, can enter the country as a tourist. If staying for more than 90 days, students must first request a provisional visa at the nearest Costa Rica consulate and then apply for a student visa at an immigration office within 30 days of arrival in Costa Rica. Find detailed requirements, fees, and instructions at the Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington DC. Alternatively, students going to Costa Rica for only one or two academic periods (3 to to 6 months) can use the tourist visa granted by migration authorities when entering the country. Tourist visas expire every 90 days.  In order to renew their migratory tourist status, students would need to leave the country for 48 hours and return before their tourist visa expires to continue with their study-abroad program. 

U.S. citizens do not need a visa for a stay of 90 days or less. Those planning a longer visit must obtain a visa in advance. Please visit the Republic of Ecuador website for more information. 

A student visa is not required for students wishing to study in Fiji for a semester or academic year; rather, a student permit is required.  As of April 2018, there is no fee to apply for a Fijian study permit. If studying in Fiji through the UW-Platteville Education Abroad program at the University of South Pacific, students must apply for their Fijian study permit through UW-Platteville Education Abroad; all of the necessary documents and information will be provided by UW-Platteville upon application. Once accepted, the UW-Platteville On-Site Coordinator will apply for students' permit on their behalf. For the most up to date information on the Fijian student permit process and procedures, please visit the Fijian Embassy website.

U.S. passport holders, traveling to attend school for longer than 90 days will need to apply for a Residence Permit before entering Finland. Please visit the Finnish Immigration Services for more information.

Although it is possible to obtain a Residence Permit upon arrival in Germany, due to the current refugee crisis issues, it is strongly recommended to obtain a German visa before you depart the U.S.

Please read the information here on how to obtain a visa to study in Germany. You will need to apply for the "Residence Visa" in-person in Chicago by scheduling an appointment with the German Consulate General in Chicago. Please read the information carefully and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. You do not need to wait to receive your acceptance letter from the host university to make an appointment. However, you will need the acceptance letter when you appear for your appointment. The appointment can be cancelled if needed. 

If you decide to not apply for a visa before departing the U.S., please read here on how to apply for a Residence Permit upon arrival in Germany.

U.S. passport holders, traveling to attend school in Greece for more than 90 days, will require the National Type D Student Visa. All visa applications require an FBI background check and a personal appearance at a Greek Consulate. The consulate in Chicago has jurisdiction over Wisconsin and Minnesota. Therefore, you will need to appear in person in Chicago. You may read more visa information on these sites: American College of Greece and the Consulate of Chicago. On the consulate website, click on "National Visas" for more information. The American College of Greece will also provide you with a list of documents you will need to provide when applying for your visa.

Students may schedule a visa appointment online through this linkAppointments should be scheduled no more than 3 months before your departure date. It typically takes up to 10 business days for a visa to be processed.

For the required FBI background check, it is recommended to use FBI-Approved Channelers. A list of approved Channelers may be found here. Please note that the background check can take 2-3 days with an approved Channeler and the visa can take up to 8-10 weeks. Therefore, you will want to plan accordingly.

No visa is required. For stays over 90 days it is a requirement to visit the registration office in Dublin or at a local Garda station outside of Dublin upon arrival in Ireland. All students must pay a mandatory administration fee to the GNIB at this appointment. Please visit the website of the Irish Immigration Services for further details.

Students studying for fewer than 90 days are not required to obtain a visa prior to departure. Students studying in Italy for more than 90 days are required to obtain a study visa prior to departure. Students may submit their applications by mail, providing that the forms are signed and dated in front of a Notary Public before mailing them. For detailed requirements, documents checklist, instructions, and consular fees, please consult the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago website. Please be aware that when you request your Permesso di Soggiorno (Permit of Stay) in Italy, you may be asked to produce copies of the entire documentation submitted for the visa.

Students studying in Japan will be required to obtain a visa. There is no cost to apply. Students may apply by mail or appear in person at the Consulate of Japan in Chicago. For detailed requirements, documents checklist, and instructions please visit the webpage of the Consulate General of Japan in Chicago. Or, you may access the
Visa instructions and checklist. Follow Annex 3 for instructions. This PDF was updated June 2022. It can be a time-consuming process, so the host university often recommends beginning the process at the earliest possible date. That being said, entry into Japan must take place within 3 months of obtaining the student visa, so students cannot apply for it more than 3 months prior to their departure. 

Processing time as of September 2021: If all criteria of visa issuance are met, most visas can normally be processed in 5-7 business days (not including mailing time).

Students studying in Korea will require a D-2 visa. You may find detailed requirements, link to the visa application, and instructions on the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chicago's website. Visa applications may be mailed to the Consulate in Chicago for processing or students may visit the consulate in person. 

Visa requirements depend on length of stay and nationality. U.S. passport holders traveling to attend school and staying 90 days or less (e.g., on a summer exchange) do not require a visa. U.S. passport holders traveling to attend school and staying over 90 days (e.g., on a semester exchange) do not need an an entry visa; however, they do require a residence permit (VVR), which currently costs €210 (note: it changes yearly). The host university assists students in applying for a residence permit: the students enter the Netherlands with a passport and thus receive the residence permit after arriving in country and just before the program starts. For more information on the requirements and documents for the student residence permit, visit the IND website for more information.  

New Zealand
U.S. passport holders, traveling to attend school, require a visa. The consulates of New Zealand process visas based on the state the traveler resides in. Find detailed requirements, fees and instructions at Applying for a Student Visa.

U.S. passport holders, traveling to attend school and staying 90 days or less, in all of the Schengen countries, do not require a visa. Those staying over 90 days will require a visa. The consulates of Spain process visas based on state of residence. These visa requirements are for clients who reside in IL IN IA KS KY MI MN MO NE ND OH SD WI. If you reside in one of these states find detailed requirements, fees and instructions at the Consulate General of Spain in Chicago website. You will need to appear in-person at the Spanish Consulate in Chicago to apply for your visa. Those who reside in any other state other than the ones previously listed will also need to make a personal appearance at the consulate whose jurisdiction they are in. For more information check Consulate Contact Information.  

For stays over 180 days, students will need to submit a criminal record check certificate. Please see the Study Visa website for more details.

Students outside the EU need to apply for a residence permit for studies and receive the residence permit before they travel to Sweden. The application for the residence permit for studies must be done online on the Swedish Migration Agency’s (Migrationsverket) website. Exchange students should submit the residence permit application as soon as they receive the Notification of Admission from the overseas university since it can take 16 weeks or more for the application to be processed. U.S. Citizens do not need to obtain a residence permit card before traveling to Sweden, but rather, need to receive the official decision letter (BESLUT) showing that the residence permit application was granted. 

United Kingdom (includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales)
Study for 6 months or less:
U.S. passport holders, attending school for up to 6 months, will not require a visa. Please reference the U.K. government site for documents you will need to present at the border. 

Study for longer than 6 months:
U.S. passport holders, attending school for longer than 6 months, will require a Student visa. You may visit this website to review the procedures for visa application. As of April 2022, the cost to apply for the Student Visa is £363. You will also need to pay a Healthcare Surcharge at the time of application. You may calculate your healthcare surcharge here.