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We know that you—as parents, guardians, or other family members—want what is best for your students. However, “what is best” is not always obvious. Now, more than ever, the world is interconnected, and it is incumbent upon family members to help their students develop an international mindset so that they will be best positioned for success in the global economy.

Studying abroad or away is one of the best ways to inspire students to be curious about the world and to become globally aware. Preparing to study abroad or away is a very exciting time for students and their families but also can raise legitimate concerns and questions to be addressed. While we strongly encourage students to take full responsibility for completing the application and other documents, making travel arrangements, and gathering all information about their programs, we understand that parents, guardians, or other family members will often have just as many, if not more, questions about these programs. The following information is available to give you more insight into procedures and how to support your students while they navigate the study abroad process.

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