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Pre-Departure Prep


Travel Authorization
Before reservations and purchases can begin for your program, you will need to complete a travel authorization. You may complete this by clicking on "E-Reimbursement," login, and then click on "Create a Travel Authorization." If you need assistance with the travel authorization contact Heidi Engelmann-Kothrade. You will only need to enter your costs that are covered by the program's budget. Patti Kahler can provide the correct account code to use as our office will be managing the program’s budget.

Pre-departure Workshop
OIE offers faculty leader pre-departure workshop information through the videos below to ensure all faculty leaders are well prepared before departure. After watching the videos, please contact OIE with any questions you may have.

Health Abroad
Student Conduct
PDO Safety & Security
International Insurance
The Board of Regents, System policy (ACIS-7.1), requires all University of Wisconsin students studying/traveling abroad under a UW sponsored program to enroll in international insurance offered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). As a faculty leader of an international program you will be enrolled into this coverage for the duration of your program.

Reservations & Purchases
Once your students are accepted you may begin program purchases after you have completed the Travel Authorization (see Travel Authorization section above for details). OIE will make large pre-departure purchases. The smaller in-country items, such as cultural events, should be made by the faculty leader with their corporate card.

Bids - For any purchases over $5000 (excluding flights), 3 bids will need to be obtained. The bids will need to be forwarded to OIE and OIE will submit the bids to Brent Tilton in Purchasing.
  • Flights - OIE will reserve and purchase flights for programs through Fox World Travel. OIE strongly suggests that faculty leaders fly with their group of students for risk management purposes. Please note: many airlines seem to be adding basic fares that do not include checked baggage.  Therefore, baggage costs will be built in to the out-of-pocket costs in the student Cost Estimate. 
  • Room and Board: The faculty leader is responsible for selecting accommodation. If you are using a program provider, you may provide OIE with an invoice for payment pre-departure or stop in the office to make the reservation with Patti Kahler.
  • In-Country Transportation: The faculty leader is responsible for organizing in-country transportation unless you are using a program provider. Please provide OIE with an invoice if you would like us to make the purchase pre-departure i.e. train tickets, day passes, etc.
  • Cultural Events: The faculty leader is responsible for organizing and making these purchases unless you are using a program provider. If an invoice is provided, OIE can pay for these activities ahead of time or faculty can pay on-site and be reimbursed pre-departure by submitting a TER.
Student Pre-Departure Orientation
OIE manages an online orientation for all students and covers information such as health and safety abroad, money matters, communication methods, cultural adjustment, UW-Stout and System policies, etc. As a faculty leader you will want to schedule and meet with your group to discuss specific aspects of the program such as:
  • Significant cultural differences
  • Course Details - pre or post work along with expectations during travel
  • Itinerary Details
  • Departure Plan - flight itineraries, arrival process at airport, etc.
  • Accommodation - roommates, locations, any included meals
  • Establishing Expectations - buddy system, emergency protocol, communication and transportation, any additional ground rules necessary for a successful program. 
*It is reported that faculty leaders who keep in contact with students prior to departure have better retention rates, a more timely return of student paperwork and less behavioral incidents during the program. For this reason, OIE encourages faculty leaders to communicate with students frequently pre-departure.

Program Itinerary
Each faculty leader will need to submit a final itinerary at least 3 weeks prior to departure. This is shared with university police and is an imperative aspect of our risk and safety plan. We advise that this is also shared with participants and their families. For your convenience we have included an Itinerary Template that we like to work from. You may use your own itinerary, however, the itinerary must have the same information provided and align with the following requirements:
  • Must be typed
  • Faculty leaders' contact information (Cell phone, email, if you are in a remote area where cell phones may not work, please provide information on how you can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Housing (name, phone number, local address, email contact, roommate selections if needed)
  • All means of transportation (i.e. flight numbers, departure and arrival times, train routes, etc.)
  • Daily activities & times (location of your site visit, landmarks you will visit, classroom/coursework information, etc.)
  • Meal plans – Provide details on which meals are included and which ones are not.
  • Any out-of-pocket expenses the students should expect (i.e. baggage fees, transportation to and from MSP airport, personal expenses, extra meals, extra transportation, etc.)
Budget Reminders
Be sure to stay within your budget for on-site expenses. As you travel, keep an expense log and document the purpose of each receipt to allow for easy reimbursement upon return.

Emergency Contacts & Incident Reporting
All faculty leaders are provided with a list of emergency contacts and an incident reporting procedure. 

Campus Security Authority (CSA) Compliance
As a faculty leader of an off-campus program you are considered a Campus Security Authority (CSA) and are a mandated reporter of Clery reportable crimes. You may read more about the Clery Act and Clery Reportable Crimes. Faculty leaders will be notified via email each year of this information in addition to an on-line training. You may contact the Clery compliance staff at for any questions you may have. All qualified incidents can be reported here