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International Student Status

Some students studying at UW-Stout as degree-seeking international students (F1 and J1 visa holders) choose to go back to their home country during breaks, while others choose to explore another part of the world.

When considering studying abroad while an international student here at Stout, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Program options range from one week to one year, so there are options available to all students.
  • Speak with a study abroad advisor about the program(s) you are interested in as well as the application requirements. Before beginning your application, and to ensure that you remain in visa compliance, you will also need to speak with an international student advisor.
  • You will receive UW-Stout credit for all course work completed in a study abroad program.
  • Be aware that you can graduate abroad; however, discuss this possibility with an international student advisor, as it could impact your U.S. student visa status and ability to re-enter the United States.
  • Student visa requirements vary by country, so explore application requirements well in advance of the program. You may need to apply for a “transit visa” to pass through a country on the way to your final destination. Carefully think through travel routes to get to your study abroad destination.Here are some questions to ask your academic advisor:
  • What classes must I take on campus for my major?
  • Are there any core or major requirements I can take abroad?
  • What pre-requisite courses do I have to take, if any, and how will study abroad affect them?
  • How many elective credits do I have remaining in my major? Are those elementary, intermediate, or advanced?
  • Can I fulfill any breadth/depth requirements abroad? What would be best?
  • How should I follow up with you after I confirm my study abroad plans?
Here are some questions to ask your international student advisor:
  • How do I maintain my F-1 visa status while studying abroad?
  • How will study abroad impact my ability to participate in CPT/OPT?
  • What happens if my F-1 visa is expired/will expire while on my study abroad?
  • Will there be any impact on my program fees (insurance, textbooks, etc)?
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