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Student Process

Student Process

In order to help your student through the process of studying abroad, it is helpful for you as a parent/guardian to also understand the process and what the students experience. 


The first step once students have interest in studying abroad is to meet with an education abroad advisor to learn about different program opportunities, course credits, financial aid information and the application process. Students can make an appointment with an education abroad advisor or they can stop by the Office of International Education for walk-in hours Monday - Thursday from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. 

We work with students to find the program that best fits their needs and interests. With programs in over 300 different locations, there are many great options for students to choose from. 

Once a student decides on a program, they can apply directly on our website. We recommend that students keep program deadlines in mind when deciding on the term that they would like to study abroad. Applications for Winterm and Spring terms are due on October 15th and applications for Summer, Fall and the Academic Year are due on March 1st. Applications for the National Student Exchange are due February 15th, for any term the following year. We are available to assist students with the application process should they have any questions on any of the items.

Non-refundable application fee payments of $190 are made during the application process. Applications will be reviewed once all materials have been submitted. Upon review, the students are either accepted or denied based on their eligibility and ability to meet the requirements for the program. Once accepted, the applications are then sent to the host institution for their acceptance. If a student chooses to withdraw after being accepted, they are responsible for the $330 service fee. For faculty-led programs, students are also responsible for any incurred costs associated with reservations already made (flights, accommodation, etc.), in addition to the service fee.

In order to prepare students for their study abroad experience, students will be responsible for completing two pre-departure orientation components. The first is a mandatory orientation session. This face-to-face orientation with all students studying abroad that term, gives students more information about enrollment and academics, health and safety, cultural adjustments and finances. The second component is online orientation that students must complete. At the end of the online orientation, students will take an assessment that tests what they should have learned in the online orientation.

In addition, the host institution will often send out additional information directly to the student have they have been accepted into the program, regarding specific information such as housing. It is important to remember that the host country may operation at a much slower pace than we do here in the United States and therefore, it is important to be patient with communications. 

Students will be enrolled into a study abroad holding course for their study abroad experiences or the specific course offered if they are participating in a faculty-led program. Students will also be enrolled into CISI international insurance prior to their departure as well. Please see the Health and Safety section for more information on CISI insurance as well as other health and safety preparations. 

Once the student has reached their destination they are encourages to stay in contact with the Office of International Education if they come across any questions or concerns throughout their stay. Every program will have a representative on-site to address any immediate concerns and communicate with our office. 

Upon return from a study abroad program, your child is encourage to utilize university services to address any re-entry adjustments and career opportunities. Students will also be notified when their transcript arrives from their study abroad program. 

Throughout this entire process, we are available and ready to assistant in anyway to ensure that students understand the entire process.