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Program Planning

Start the process early (1.5 years in advance) by sharing your idea through informal conversations with stakeholders such as your Department Chair, College Dean and the Office of International Education. This will give you the opportunity to receive feedback while solidifying a strong and sustainable program foundation. 

Consider a variety of factors such as:
  • Is the program unique?
  • Are courses applicable to a variety of majors?
  • Do courses fulfill Gen Ed requirements?
  • Is the program cross-disciplinary?
  • Is the destination country/region of interest to UW-Stout students?
  • Are there any factors that would prevent the program from occurring (political instability, war, disease, terrorist activity, etc.)?
  • Are there any U.S. Department of State travel warnings for the destination?
  • Is the program affordable?  (Consider travel, room and board, etc. costs)

Note that the timeline for faculty to submit proposals has changed for 2020 WinTerm & Spring programs (approximately one full year in advance).  Additionally, the student application deadline has been moved earlier (approximately one semester prior) for 2019 and 2020 programs in an effort to cut costs (reduced airfare, early bird discounts, etc.).  

Faculty-Led Proposal Timeline

WinTerm 2019:
Faculty proposal deadline: 6/30/2018
Open application cycle (earliest date for students to apply): 8/1/18
Student application deadline: 10/15/18
Program purchases: November 2018

Note: the WinTerm 2019 cycle remains the same as past WinTerm cycles; changes in the cycle will impact WinTerm 2020 and beyond.

Summer 2019:

Faculty proposal deadline: 8/1/2018
Open application cycle (earliest date for students to apply): 9/1/2018
Student application deadline: 12/15/2018
Program purchases: Beg. January through February

WinTerm & Spring 2020:

Faculty proposal deadline: 11/15/2018
Open application cycle (earliest date for students to apply): 1/15/2019
Student application deadline: 5/1/2019
Program purchases: June through August