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Why go abroad? What are the benefits?
Graduation day will be here faster than you know it and soon you will be competing against millions of others graduates for jobs in a tough global economy.  Are you ready for the global economy? Taking your education abroad is a great way to distinguish yourself and your resume’.

Here are just a few of the benefits of taking your education abroad:

  • Enhance your education & learn a foreign language
  • Build your resume & develop soft skills that employers are seeking
  • Establish a global network for future jobs or internships
  • Gain access to unique course offerings that apply to your UW-Stout degree
  • Broaden your intellectual & personal horizons

Don't believe us? Here's what UW-Stout students say:

"Being abroad taught me more about myself and the world we live in than I could have ever imagined!"
          -Colin Drahos, studied in The Netherlands, Fall 2015

"Studying abroad in London opened my eyes to how many opportunities there are in the world!"
          -Andrew Steinke, studied in London, Spring 2016

"Never before has my mind been so open to new places, people, and experiences, and never again will it close."
         -Valerie Hanson, studied in Germany, Academic Year 2014-2015