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Who is eligible to study abroad?

Students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for their program in order to be accepted. The earliest that students are eligible to participate in an education abroad program is on a Faculty-Led program during the Winterm of their freshmen year, after completion of at least one academic semester at UW-Stout (or home institution for non UW-Stout students) or during their second semester in the Spring term on the Wisconsin in Scotland program. All other programs require students have at least a sophomore standing at the time of participation.

Please check the requirements for specific programs prior to applying.

Non UW-Stout Students

Students who are currently not degree seeking students enrolled at UW-Stout are welcome to study abroad on UW-Stout programs. Please contact our office at if you have questions regarding our study abroad programs.

Applying to UW-Stout Programs: Non UW-Stout students must apply to UW-Stout for admission as  "special student" or a "non-degree seeking student."

  • Special Students: Special students are not eligible for financial aid through UW-Stout. If financial aid is needed, special students are encouraged to work with their home institution to fill out a consortium agreement which transfers their financial aid from the home institution to UW-Stout. To apply as a special student, fill out the online application. Please note in your application that you intend to study abroad.
  • Degree Seeking Student: Applying as a degree seeking student is encouraged only if you are in need of financial aid to finance your study abroad program, or if your home institution is unable to complete a consortium agreement.